LAHORE - Office bearers of different PIA employees associations and unions including, PALPA, Peoples Unity (CBA), PIASSA, SAEP, ATAP, FENA, Air League, United & PIACE, Joint Action Committee of PIA Employees (JACPIAE) have strongly condemned the attempt by MD PIA, Aijaz Haroon to force employees to support his agreement with Turkish Airline. They said that PIA MD failed to answer simple questions from the unions and associations in the meeting held at PIA head office and meeting was ended on a note that MD PIA will give a presentation to Joint Action Committee to convince them regarding the agreement with Turkish Airline. However, they said, MD PIA avoided to meet employees association leaders and rather created an impression in the press that employees have agreed to his proposal. The poor employees, they blamed, could not uttered a word in a suppressed environment where their immediate bosses made them sit in the meeting quietly. They said this meeting was in violation of labour laws and PIAs own practices where the employees are represented by the unions and associations for proper dissemination of their viewpoint without being afraid of loosing jobs in case they wanted to oppose the managements decision. The meeting on 26th January was in clear violation of all practices, norms and union laws. They said that the PIA MD failed to justify the PIA-Turkish agreement with solid reasons and continued to adopt stubborn attitude while misguiding the media with incorrect figures and estimates of the business. Under the said agreement, the PIA will handover its passengers to Turkish Airlines on the routes of New York, Barcelona, Chicago, Amsterdam, Paris and Netherlands against traffic for smaller routes like Katmandu, Colombo and Mumbai, therefore the airline will loose its heavy business while sharing revenues generated by millions of passengers. They said that MD is claiming that he has increased the revenues from Rs 70 billion to over 100 billion but he is hiding the facts from media about the total loss of PIA which under his regime has increased from around Rs41 billion to Rs88 billion.