LAHORE PML-Q Secretary General Syed Mushahid Hussain has said that in current circumstances, merger of Muslim Leagues is essential. We had expressed our desire of merger soon after the general election but PML-N didnt show its willingness in this regard. He lauded the role of Supreme Court in curtailing corruption cases. He further said, Karachi is being placed on the mercy of terrorists and target killers. Government itself is involved in kidnapping for ransom there. If there is target killing in Karachi then Punjab is also become the victim of terrorism, every incident should be focused, he added. Talking in Waqt TV programme Bar-Waqt, he said, Weve talked not only to MQM but ANP and Pir Pagara also during our visit to Karachi. Extending allegations against each other is not fruitful. We dont have deadlock with any party. Mushahid said that if there was a crime sitting with General Musharraf by terming him as dictator then sitting with General Ziaul Haq was also a crime. He categorically said that the rulers would not hold the general election. He said that the roots of corruption should be eliminated and those who written off their loans since 1985 should be brought to book. Unfortunately our rulers are taking dictation from the US instead of safeguarding our national interests. Mushahid said the US itself was the cause of crises then how it can solve ours. The US itself holds dialogues with the Taliban and on the other side it is continuously stopping us from doing us. What happened in Tunis and Kyrgyzstan is the result of public outburst and same situation is going on with the Pakistani citizens. Kashmir is our core issue and there is a need to highlight this issue at the international level. We should not pin our hopes with the US. If the US helps East Timor and South Sudan in getting independence then why not the Kashmir, he added.