LAHORE - Pakistan Mutthida Kisan Mahaz (PMKM) strongly criticizing imposition of 3.5 per cent withholding tax on agricultural produce has announced to launch a movement against this tax. PMKM Chief Ayub Khan Mayo addressing a press conference here Thursday said that farmers would not pay any such tax which had been imposed without taking any segment of the society into confidence. He said imposition of this tax on agricultural produce would increase the burden on consumers and push the price spiral upward. Mayo was of the view that the government after failing in imposition of Reformed General Sales Tax (RGST) took the step of imposing tax on agricultural produce, which would result in increase of prices of vegetables and fruits. He said this tax had been imposed to meet the conditions of the IMF and World Bank and to pay the installment of the loan. PMKM Chief questioned that why not government reduce expenditures on its cabinet and other non-development expenses. He claimed that corruption was also rampant in the government institutions and rulers were toeing policies of IMF and World Bank which could not deliver any good to the masses. Mayo said that his party would seek cooperation from public representatives, civil society and all segments of the society to formulate a future line of action and launch a movement against the government till the withdrawal of this tax.