LAHORE - It is very quiet and harmonious truthful representation of a peaceful rural scene greatly resembles with pure village life that is rising sun, long shadows, twittering birds, wet meadows and the household women busy in their routine work. The two artists of nature Mah Gul Khan and Muhammad Gulzar exhibited more than 200 pieces of natural scenery at exhibitions of watercolour paintings held at the Alhamra Art Gallery here on Monday. The painting is a exceptional image in my work which records significant features of the countrywide landscape and the workings, Mah Gul commented. One portrait depicts a slightly image of the division in 1947, a devastated wooden cart carrying luggage migrating towards the newly emerged state, Pakistan. Another painting depicts the fine group of trees on the right faithfully copied from nature and artistic elaboration of pure environmental beautification. The picture of green summer, diversified by the reddish colour, in the centre of the composition, and the roaring waves around the boat seen in part under the bank in the left foreground was the immense beauty of nature. The clean water of the river reflects a pale cloudy sky, in which an approaching storm of rain is driving up from the horizon. It also looked the water emerging form the white clouds, where the flat meadows, lie golden under the sunlight. This is one of the quietest and simplest of Mahs painting, tender in tone and sympathetic in feeling, with boys playing on the scene, a very remarkable. The different miniatures seem to indicate an earlier origin than 1947 for the greater part of division. The work includes watercolour paintings, landscapes portraits, enormously beautiful carrying various symbolic significance. Mah exhibited her work, more than 47 pieces, derived the theme from the common objects. She said she was highly impressed by the great English painter, John Constable. She also painted her emotions, expressions and privacy fought to be on the first page. The nature seems the prime source of inspiration for the artist shown in her work. Alhamra Art Gallery Director Attaul Haq Qasmi was the chief guest at the inauguration. In another exhibition, renowned artist Muhammad Gulzar also displayed his watercolour paintings depicting the grandeur and glories of historical buildings such as the Badshahi Masjid, the Lahore Fort, Masjid Wazir Khan, Shalimar Gardens, Hiran Minar, Fort Ruhtas, and other many hidden buildings of various areas of Punjab. A couple of paintings also reflected the romantic beauty of the historical places to which the visitors termed the masterpieces of artists imaginative mind. Gulzar depicted paintings of landscape, old City, calligraphic in watercolour and oil paints greatly appreciated by the lovers of Art. In short, it was a real event to view the paintings of a number of historically important buildings of the different cities in all their architectural beauty and grandeur.