LAHORE- A group of lawyers led by finance secretary Lahore Bar Association Asif Shakir on Monday tortured and detained a family court judge Faisal Mahmood Mir for recording the statement of woman in the absence of her opponent counsel. The lawyers also shouted full-throated slogans against the judge in the courtroom that brought the judicial work to halt. Sessions Judge Lahore Muhammad Mahmood Chaudhary and LBA secretary Ahmad Yar Chawali came to the rescue of judicial officer and got him released from the clutches of black-coats. As per detail, a dissolution of marriage case was pending in the court of Faisal Mahmmood and he had summoned both the parties on Monday to make efforts to reach them a compromise. However, woman Nadia Batool appeared before the court along with her counsel and refused to compromise with his husband, alleging that he was a cruel man and often subjected her to torture. The woman said her husband was hurling her life threat and she wanted to record her statement against him. The judge recorded her statement and sent her home. Later womans husband along with his counsel Rehan and Asaif Shakir reached the courtroom and asked the judge why he had recorded the statement of the woman in their absence and how the court had identified her. The judge said he had identified her from her picture affixed on the plaint, adding that and it was the courts duty not the lawyers to identify the plaintiff lady. The judges assertion infuriated the lawyers and they exchanged harsh words with the judge besides exerted undue pressure on him, which he could not sustain and rushed to his retiring room to take shelter there. The lawyers chased him and there in his chamber, tortured him and detained for quiet a while. The secretary LBA Chawali came to judges rescue and controlled the situation. The victim judge has complained to the sessions judge Lahore to take action against the lawyers but the session judge has not taken any step in his regard so far, the sources said. The civil judge also appealed to the chief justice of the Lahore High court to take suo moto notice of the incident. The office bearers of the LBA also claimed that the matter has been settled down amicably but the independent sources did not confirm their claim. The sources said that the victim judge refused to settle the issue, saying the lawyers always intimidate courts if the things are going against them. The sources also said that a guardian judge Nadeem Shaukat had also written a letter to the Lahore High Court against the bad behaviour of LBAs vice president MR Awan. The judge complained that Awan was pressurising him in a case to get a decision in his favour. It has been seen that since the success of lawyers movement for restoration of independent-minded judges, the lawyers attitude towards subordinate judges has turned more hostile. In recent past, a similar type of incident had happened in the court of Additional Sessions Judge Ashtar Abbas but the same was not reported in the media on judges request. Ashtar has been transferred from Lahore, a court staff said on the condition of anonymity. Likewise, the lawyers also went on strike in protest to the 'bad behaviour of DDO(r) Cantt and finally the CJ LHC intervened the matter and they called off their strike after CJ assured them that officer would be transferred soon. She had been transferred couple of days ago.