KARACHI - MQM Rabita Committee has demanded of the Jamaat-e-Islami to render their apology from MQM after the arrest of Haqiqi terrorist, who was involved in the killing of Jamaat-e-Islami councillor Sajid Nazeer. Addressing a Press conference on Monday at Khursheed Memorial Hall, MQM Rabita Committee Deputy Convenor Anees Ahmed Kaimkhani asked the Jamaat leadership to show their moral boldness and render their excuse in front of the nation over their false allegation of the killing of Jamaat councillor on MQM. He said that this was the responsibility of the police to hold independent inquiry of the target killing incidents to reveal the reality that who was behind the conspiracy to sabotage the peace of the City. I did not know about any briefing of IG Sindh police, in which he briefed the authorities about the MQMs involvement in the killing of JI councillor Sajid Nazeer, he informed. Kaimkhani said that scores of political and religious party workers were killed by the terrorists during the last 7 months including the workers of MQM and Jamaat-e-Islami councillor Nazeer, who was also killed in a target killing incident. But without any investigation, JI put the blame of Nazeers killing on MQM. Quoting the news published in the newspapers that Sir Syed Police has arrested the Haqiqi terrorist Irfan dacoit, who had confessed that he had killed Nazeer along with his aide Zubair alias Kala of MQM Haqiqi. Mustafa Zahid alias Taifi and Imran alias Kala, who were involved in the murderous attack on JSQM chief Bashir Khan Qureshi, were also the activists of Haqiqi group, which shows that the Haqiqi activists were involved in the killing of innocent people in Karachi, Kaimkhani alleged. He also condemned some of the journalists, columnists and analysts, who likewise the Jamaat-e-Islami, put the blame of target killing on MQM and trying to support the terrorist activities of Haqiqi terrorists intentionally and unintentionally.