LAHORE - The PALPA has strongly denied any Go Slow at the PIA by the Pilots. It also denied any links with the current flight delays which is being attributed to the association, said PALPA spokesman. He further added that the Pilots have been negotiating for the implementation of their working agreement as guaranteed by the MOD. PALPA is providing full cooperation to the management, so that flights are on time and passengers do not suffer due to any reasons. Even the flights exceeding duty time limits are still being given by PALPA to the PIA management. Vice President PALPA, Capt Suhail Baluch, while strongly denying any go-slow policy, said vested interested is trying to sabotage the agreement which is going as per plan. The PIA management gave positive response on the working agreement that will be signed on 31st July, as negotiations are in the final phase. About the absence of PALPA's from a meeting called by management, ha said the truth is that there was no agenda given for the meeting so PALPA decided not to attend it. However, he said, we will continue to hold meetings with the management for the working agreement.