LAHORE - The Pakistan Cricket Board is planning to terminate the contract with controversial paceman Shoaib Akhtar due to his never-ending misdemeanors that have always troubled the Pakistan Cricket Board once too often. The PCB is moving towards the decision after its director cricket operations served the bowler a notice to explain his comments in a TV interview, where he threatened to sue the PCB for disclosing an infection in his genital warts. Akhtar has always been a headache for the PCB one way or the other. Either he is unfit or feigns injury, fighting with the players or ruining the dressing room atmosphere. Even he once kicked the doors of the PCB officials at the headquarters and used foul language and always talks in threatening tone when dealing with the PCB officials. Now he was dropped from the team due to his fitness issues and he was again up against the PCB with his verbal volleys on television, which the PCB believes is a clear violation of the central contract. It has been learnt that the PCB was getting fed up with his transgressions of the late and was on the verge of taking a full and final decision to get rid of the pacer. A PCB official said that he with his comments on television had committed a clear violation of the contract and they have now asked him to explain his words by July 31.