ISLAMABAD - Arshed Bhatti, who left bureaucracy to fulfil his passion, for peace by starting Civil Junction, a culinary rendezvous of intellectuals, writers and activists, has now entered into the realm of music. Now, with the production of his new song called 'gul karo (speak out), he intends to convey a message of peace to the leaders and citizens of Pakistan and those of our neighbouring countries. This Punjabi song is addressed to Indian and Pakistani political leadership and was released on the eve of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit held in the Egyptian tourist resort of Sharam el Sheikh. According to Arshed Bhatti, This song is the citizens voice and articulates Indo-Pak peace and cooperation agenda from dispossessed citizens point of view. The song has been conceived and written by Arshed Bhatti. Arieb Azhar, being the only professional and trained musician/singer in the song, has composed it. The other two voices belong to Arshed Bhatti and Arifa, who have made their first attempt at singing, their voices echoing an activists rawness to preserve the freshness of protest in what they call their resistance music. The song has been produced by Arshed Bhatts brainchild Civil Junction. The debut song will be the first of the album Mr Bhatti plans to release. Parodying Mascaras 'In the Line of Fire, Mr Bhatti has named the album In the Lane of Fire with sub-title Jhansa (deceit). The album, says Mr Bhatti, contains political commentary on Pakistans 60 years, particularly on two collective traits namely masculinity and bravery, the myopic and mindless application of which has produced the monsters of intolerance and militancy, resulting in chaos that has dragged the citizens of Pakistan in the 'Lane of Fire. The rhythmic song is expected to connect audiences in both Pakistan and India. With its engaging and optimistic lyrics, the song tells us that there is no problem in the world that is devoid of a solution, and that if we cannot find a solution today; there will be one hopefully tomorrow. The song makes it evident that Pakistan is not a country that breeds Taliban, fundamentalists and terrorists, but also messengers of peace, harmony, love and affection like Arshed Bhattis, Kishwar Naheeds and Asma Jahangirs.- Komal Naz