KARACHI - The management of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has used for the first time the Removal from Service Ordinance (RSO-2000) (Special Powers) against a pilot of 30 years of experience and forcing him to resign from service, a source disclosed to TheNation. He added that the ordinance called Removal from Service (Special Powers) Ordinance 2000 is against all the basic norms and ethics and denies the basic human right of appeal. The management of PIA decided to use Ordinance 2000 against a senior pilot who was forced to leave the service by resigning. Capt Ahsan Rehman was a captain of Boeing 777 was cleared from all enquiries both local and international but the management using the law subjected the pilot to mental torture who eventually resigned. Senior and highly experienced pilots in PIA Captain Murad, Captain Salahuddin, Captain Farrukh, and Captain Suhail are being subjected to harsh treatment on minor and generally condonable charges; the service ordinance is being applied to get rid of them, said the source. He said that in a recent case Captain Nadeem Ahmad Chaudhry having 20 years of flying experience is under fire because he had to leave for Saudi Arabia in emergency. He was not assigned any flight during the three days stay in Saudi Arabia. He admitted that he could not take proper leave as there was an emergency. The above seems to be linked to the on going tussle between PIA and PALPA which has further intensified as the removal of pilots having 20-30 years of experience. PIA is already short of flying staff and taking the action on minor faults is not warranted. He further added that earlier a senior PIA pilot was forced to resign by the PIA management for the error that in the first enquiry report proved to be caused by the staff monitoring and guiding the plane he was driving. Capt. Ahsan Rehman who served PIA for thirty years was forced to resign after a hailstorm damaged the Boeing 777. He was flying PK770 on July 2, 2008 from Paris to Milan (stop over) and had to make an emergency landing at Milan Airport due to damage to the right wing. His removal was engineered after the enquiry report by both PIA and Civil Aviation Authority absolved him of any responsibility in the accident. A second investigation was carried out on December 2, 2008 under the removal from services ordinance 2000 in which contents of the earlier reports by experts were rejected and he was declared guilty of incompetence. It is interesting that PIA management used the Removal from Service Ordinance 2000 instead of routine aviation enquiry procedures PPM Chapter - XV which deals with the inquiries of the technical nature involving the aircraft and cockpit crew. The source said the investigation carried out by PIA flight safety division admits that the presence of dry hail was not detected by the weather radar that could have led the captain to under estimate its impact. The incident could have been avoided had the air control tower accepted the crew request for weather deviation. It is pertinent to mention that the Boeing Company itself admitted that dry hail above freezing point is not detectable by the weather radar of Boeing 777. The Civil Aviation Authority as regulatory body conducted its independent enquiry and instead of blaming allowed the pilot to fly on November 9, 2008. The management, however, offered the pilot parting benefits in case he resigns on his own, Capt Ahsan under protest resigned, he concluded. The official source of PIA said about the cases that it was all routine administrative action taken by the flight operation department. The management of PIA has nothing to do with all of it. The pilot has taken early retirement and others have been asked for explanation for their actions. The management will follow all the proper proceedings in these mentioned cases.