LAHORE Acknowledging the struggle of journalist community for the restoration of independent judiciary and genuine democracy in the country, Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif on Tuesday promised that Journalists Colony would be made a Model Colony and the issue of F-Block would be settled in one week. As he announced the plan about F-Block, the auditorium echoed with clapping from the journalists as it was a thing, which they had been demanding for a long time. He invited a 10-member delegation of journalist community to review the outstanding issue pertaining to finalisation of journalist colonys F-Block. He was addressing a big gathering of members of Lahore Press Club after the oath-taking ceremony of the newly-elected body here at 90-Sharaaey Quaid-e-Azam on Tuesday. Earlier, the Chief Minister administered oath to the office-bearers of Lahore Press Club. President Lahore Press Club Sarmad Bashir, Vice President Chaudhary Aamer Waqas, General Secretary Zia Ullah Niazi, and Treasurer Ansar Hussain Zahid, Senator Pervaiz Rashid, Secretary Information Shoaib Bin Aziz and a number a number of MPAs and senior government officers were also present on this occasion. The CM further that the government had respect for media and Pakistan Muslim League-N fully appreciated the role of media in the struggle against dictatorship and oppression. He said the way media boldly faced the excesses during the era of dictatorship, paved the way for general elections for a return to democracy and highlighted the movement for restoration of democracy and an independent judiciary at the local and international level is a golden chapter of Pakistans history. The chief minister said journalists faced prison sentences and the worst torture during the era of dictatorship and no one deny journalist community credit for their sacrifices. He said it was due to the role of media that democracy was restored in the country after ten years while an independent judiciary was also revived in the country. He said when political workers, civil society and lawyers launched a movement against the dictator the media furthered these efforts and the journalists also risked their lives. He said PML-N leadership had adopted a clear-cut stand on bogus degrees and Quaid PML-N Nawaz Sharif had stated in unequivocal terms that he would not compromise on the issue of fake degrees and was ready to even sacrifice his government. He said PML-N leadership had a deep respect for media and the journalist community and if some elements have a different view, which is contrary to the facts, they should be held accountable on the basis of justice. In response to a question by the President Press Club Lahore regarding activities of 'Qabza Mafia in the Journalist Colony, the chief minister said land grabbing had become a thriving business and industry during the last ten years and had a voice been raised during that period against this problem, the situation would now have been quite different. He said PML-N government would not tolerate 'Qabza Mafia irrespective of its affiliation with any political party. He said the activities of 'Qabza Mafia would be crushed with an iron hand. He said journalists also have a right over resources and all out efforts would be made for the solution of their problems and provision of necessary facilities in the Journalist Colony. He said he had already reduced the price of plots by Rs 1 lakh in Journalist Colony while millions of rupees are being spent on development activities in the colony. Regarding F-Block of the Colony, the chief minister said he would meet a representative delegation of journalists in the next few days for taking a final decision in this regard. He said he believed in honouring his promises and this issue would also be resolved through a meeting of authorities concerned and a representative delegation of journalists.