ISLAMABAD The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has written an unsigned letter to the Higher Education Commission (HEC) causing a sharp reaction and giving a rise to the fears that ECP was likely to delay the process of the verification of the MPs degrees. Well-placed official sources informed TheNation on Tuesday that the ECP, in the said unsigned letter to the HEC, has also proposed to seek verification of the MPs degrees from the provincial governors. It is important to mention here that the governors hold the position of chancellors in provinces. In the Federal Capital, the President is the chancellor of the universities. The representatives of ECP, including Deputy Sectary Jalil Ahmad and Joint Sectary Afzal Khan, met with Dr. Syed Mahmood Raza, Adviser (Quality Assurance) HEC and Rahim B. Channa on Tuesday. It has been learnt that the ECP representatives gave an unsigned letter to the HEC earlier as well. The letter said that the ECP would decide whether to take an action against the MPs having fake degrees or to the send the degrees to the provincial governors. The HEC officials denied that they had not received any such letter from the ECP earlier and they have been just given the task of verification. The HEC officials say that they are fulfilling the task and it is up to the ECP whether to take action or refer the matter to the chancellors. A senior official of the Commission commented that there is no point in referring the degrees back to the chancellors for verification. It is seen as an attempt to delay the process on the part of the ECP as the degrees are issued by the Vice chancellors after prolonged verification. The members of the verification committee of the HEC briefed the representatives of the ECP about the process of verification that they have adopted. They informed that the universities have been asked to examine the degrees of Metric, Intermediate, National Identity Card and Migration Certificates as well along with Bachelors degree. The representatives of ECP endorsed the verification process. They ensured that once the copies of the degrees, that were irrelevant documents and had been sent back to the ECP, are collected from the Returning Officers, would be provided to them very soon. Meanwhile, the HEC has also convened the Vice Chancellors Committee meeting today to discuss the financial constraints of the universities. Besides the other issues, the issue of fake degrees would also be discussed in this meeting. Online adds: Meanwhile, the HEC has so far verified only 270 degrees out of 1069. As per details, HEC has extended the verification date from July 27 to August 12 and has directed the universities concerned to verify the degrees till August 12. According to the HEC sou-rces, four degrees out of 104 degrees sent to Sindh University by HEC have been proved fake whereas HEC has refused to accept the verification of the remaining degrees due to non-availability of credentials. The HEC has verified the 100 degrees of Karachi University as authentic and two as fake. Sources said that HEC has not yet received proper credentials of 595 degrees and HEC has send letters to the universities concerned in this regard.