LAHORE - The PML-N lost PP-34 Sargodha by-poll due to internal grouping in the party while divisions within the local party ranks surfaced after an unsuitable candidate was selected for the by-election, insiders revealed to TheNation on Tuesday. The PML-N insiders who were part of the by-poll in PP-34 told this scribe that the local party cadres had run the election campaign of PML-N contender Chaudhry Tabraiz Gill in 'marathon style despite the fact that he was not a suitable candidate. Gills candidature encouraged divisions within the ranks of PML-N Sargodha cha-pter which ultimately led the party to a defeat, they added. Divulging other details of the PML-N candidates defeat, they asserted that Tabraiz Gill had ignored the lower middle and poor class areas during the election campaign as he focussed only on the areas of affluent class for votes. However, the winner of PP-34 by-poll, independent candidate Ijaz Ahmed Kahloo secured the winning margin from the areas of lower middle and poor class. Some old political guards of PP-34 accused that the arrogant behaviour of Gill family was yet another reason for Tabraiz Gills defeat and the PML-N had no 'political tool available to them to build the image of their candidate. The divisions within the ranks of partys Sargodha chapter surfaced when Tabraiz Gill was awarded ticket for PP-34 by-election. Another party member Mumtaz Kahloo launched his younger brother Ijaz Kahloo in the filed as an independent candidate with the blessing of other angry local leaders of the PML-N, who were not happy with the partys high command decision regarding awarding ticket to Gill. The winner, however, also pocketed the support of PML-Q and Jamaat-e-Islami. It is to be mentioned here that Ijaz Kahloos elder brother Mumtaz Kahloo is PML-Ns general secretary of Saudi Arabia and he was also an applicant to partys provincial parliamentary board as an aspirant for PP-34. On the other hand Ch Tabraiz Gill is the elder brother of Ch Rizwan Gill, who was de-seated from PP-34 by an election tribunal of the Lahore High Court for holding a bogus degree. The other strong aspirant who failed to grab the party ticket for PP-34 was Chaudhry Hamid Hameed, son of Ch Abdul Hameed, former mayor District Sargodha and MNA. The local leaders claimed that Ch Hamid Hameed along with other rebels of the PML-N supported Ijaz Kahloo for ditching their political rivals within the party, Ch Tabraiz Gill and Ch Rizwan Gill. They asserted that rebels in the ranks of PML-N in District Sargodha owing to their reservations regarding awarding ticket to Gill joined hands with the blessing of PML-Q and JI to knock out their own party candidate. Moreover, some key supporter of Ijaz Kahloo talking to this scribe seeking anonymity claimed that Kahloo would likely to join the PML-N, as Kahloos were in fact supporters of the PML-N, and by defeating their own party candidate, they just wanted to make the party leadership realise that non-consensus based decisions could compel the party to face similar defeats. When contacted, Ijaz Kahloo said that he had not yet taken any decision regarding joining the ranks of PML-N and he would take any decision in this regard with due consultation of his supporters in the next few days. It may be mentioned that Kahloos likely joining of PML-N would give the party a 'morale boost, as another by-poll in Sargodha would be held on August 5 in NA-68 constituency. Moreover, local political 'movers and shakers are realigning their political strategies in NA-68 keeping in view the defeat of PML-N candidate in PP-34.