LAHORE - The Lahore High Court on Tuesday sought report and para-wise comments from Ministry of Information Technology and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) till August 4 on a petition seeking permanent ban on Facebook website in the country for launching blasphemous competition against the Holy Quran. Justice Ijaz Ahmed Cha-udhry passed this order on a petition of Judicial Activism Panel (JAP) Chairman Azhar Siddique advocate who submitted that facebook is an anti-Islam website and it should be banned permanently in Pakistan. The petitioner told the court that Facebook had announced a fresh contest namely Everybody Burn-Quran Day on its pages to hurt sentiments of the Muslims. He said the website had also displayed a blasphemous pictures of Khana Kaaba only to distort image of Islam. The petitioner recalled that earlier the Facebook website held an unholy contest namely Every Day Draw Muhammad Day through which blasphemous caricatures of Holy prophet (PBUH) were displayed on the website by its users in the West. On this Lahore High Court on May 19 had banned the Facebook website in Pakistan and later the ban was lifted on May 31 on the assurance of the federal government, ministry of information technology, PTA and the Facebook management that such a mistake will not be allowed in future. The counsel pleaded that the Facebook management had assured federal government and PTA that any material against Islam or Prophet of Islam will not be displayed on the website in future. But despite promise the owners of the website did not remove the blasphemous contents material from the site and now they launched another unholy competition against Islam, this time targeting Holy Quran, he said. The petitioner pleaded that the ministry of information technology and PTA authorities have failed to monitor and block such contents on websites despite orders of the court. He prayed that unholy act of Facebook management may be declared illegal, un-Islamic and against the injunctions of Islam and contempt proceedings might be initiated against the owners of the website. He also pleaded that the authorities in Pakistan be directed that no material with respect to blasphemy of any religion or Holy Khana Kaaba be published, displayed, visualised or aired in the country. The petitioner prayed that Facebook may be permanently blocked in Pakistan for placing objectionable cartoons of Khana Kaaba and the Holy Quran.