BAGHDAD (AFP) The US militarys top officer on Tuesday said information in leaked documents on the war in Afghanistan did not call into question the US strategy or Washingtons relationship with Pakistan. Admiral Mike Mullen said he was appalled at the leak of 90,000 secret military files on the Afghan mission, but that the information about Pakistans activities and other details were taken into account during a major strategy review on the war last year. Certainly the information that Ive seen so far in the documents, theres nothing in there that wasnt reviewed or considered in the strategic review on the war last year, Mullen told reporters on his plane before landing in Iraq. He said the administration of US President Barack Obama was still working through all the documents, adding that most of the files appeared to be field level information, raw intelligence. The documents, made public by the website WikiLeaks, allege Pakistan - a key ally in the fight against Al-Qaeda and its associates - allows its spies to meet directly with the Taliban and even plot to assassinate Afghan leaders. Asked if the files show Pakistan has duped Washington, Mullen said that was not the case and that the United States has made clear to Islamabad its concerns about possible links to militant groups. US relations with Pakistan have dramatically improved in the past year and Pakistan has launched offensives against extremists in the northwest, involving tens of thousands of troops, Mullen said. Ive seen some very positive steps, he said. But he added Washington remained concerned about Pakistans intelligence service, amid allegations it has ties to Laskhar-e-Taiba (LeT), blamed for the 2008 attacks on Mumbai, and the Haqqani network, which targets US-led forces in Afghanistan. Mullen, who has cultivated ties with the head of the Pakistani army, said any links which exist with terrorist organisations, whether its Haqqani or LeT, its just completely unacceptable. The four-star admiral made similar remarks during a visit to India and Pakistan last week. The US military is studying the leaked classified documents for any potential risks posed to American forces, said Mullen, who condemned the security breach. Im appalled at the release. I feel very strongly that we need to make sure to do all we can that leaks like this dont occur. The 92,000 documents released Sunday, dating from 2004 to 2009, triggered an outcry from nations fighting in the NATO-led coalition in Afghanistan. In addition to the Pakistan allegations, the leaked files maintain the deaths of innocent Afghan civilians by coalition troops have been covered up.