WASHINGTON The inspector general for U.S. Defence Department says an amount of $2.6 billion for Iraqi reconstruction funds is missing. Describing a report set for release later today, special Inspector General Stuart Bowen said, Weak oversight is directly correlated to increased numbers of cases of theft and abuse, with the majority of convictions to date being traceable to the 2003-04 time-frame where accounting practices were weakest, The Washington Post reported. The report says officials skipped the basic step of setting up bank accounts that would have made it possible to keep track of about $8.7 billion worth of reconstruction funds. In addition to it the report says, the Defence Department should have returned $34.3 million to Iraq by 2007; but failed to do so. The report says, Breakdowns in controls left the funds vulnerable to inappropriate uses and undetected losses. The Pentagon has already pledged that it will make changes and return the $34.3 million. In response, Bowen said, We look forward to seeing real results.