LAHORE - PPP central leader and ex-Speaker National Assembly Syed Fakhr Imam has said that unfortunately democratic government could not redress problems faced by the people and they rather increased. He admitted that former president Pervez Musharaf policies vis--vis war on terror have been continued. Speaking at Waqt News programme Agla Qadam on Tuesday, he said Pakistan should review its policies regarding terror war. Mian Shahid Nadeem was programme producer and assistant producer was Waqar Qureshi. He said the US had its own interests and Pakistan. He said Pakistan should not link dialogue with India with terrorism rather Kashmir, Siachen and water issue should also be on its top agenda of dialogue process. He alleged that a new record of corruption was set in the reign of Pervez Musharraf and it should be held accountable as it is the responsibility of the government. He said rise in prices of essential items has created unrest among people of Pakistan and international rise in prices is also a reason of this surge. He added that rise in sugar price is alarming and the government should take action against those who are responsible for delay in import of sugar. He said judiciary is independent in Pakistan and its verdict should be implemented. He regretted that important decisions were not being taken in the Parliament. He expressed pleasure over civil-nuclear deal with China and stressed the need for further cooperation. To a question, he said former foreign minister Khusheed Mehmood Kasuri can better inform what was backdoor diplomacy on Kashmir. He said the parliament resolution on drone attacks should be honoured. He said Indus Water Treaty increased our problems and India is constructing more and more dams and we are only holding protest demonstrations. He termed situation in Balochistan as critical and described it the biggest problem of Pakistan. He stressed the need for practical steps and suggested dialogue with disgruntled nationalist leaders. He expressed his ignorance about President Zardaris announcement of 'good news on Kashmir. Salman Ghani