LAHORE - Chief Executive, Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) has appealed to the general public and electricity consumers to adopt precautionary measures in rainy season. He said that in case of electric shock or damage of electric wire or pole at any place, the people must inform concerned sub divisional office or contact at 118, 0423118 or 0345-4950888 immediately. According to a press release issued here on Wednesday, the Lesco chief further said that consumers must not touch electric poles or cables, never use metallic wires for drying clothes since current can leak in it and instead use a jute or cotton cord. He appealed the general public not to tie animals to electricity poles, its supporting cables or under high-tension wires. While ironing clothes dont forget to place a dry cloth, blanket, carpet or wood under their feet or even better wear shoes with rubber sole, Lesco chief said. Avoid touching electric switches, cables or equipment especially while their hands, shoes or clothes are wet, he added. Repair defective wiring and ensure that all internal wiring is properly earthed and use a 3-pin plug for appliances like iron, washing machine and refrigerator. Dont touch a pedestal fan or a water motor pump without switching it off, the Chief said. Students visit Aiwan The students of Jamia Liaqatia Siddiquia Shadbagh Tuesday visited Aiwan-e-Kak-uan Tehrik-e-Pakistan on a study tour. The students were informed about 550 unique picture of Pakistan Movement workers at Aiwan Gallery besides a ceremony was also held here which was addressed by the head of the Jamia Liaqat Ali Rizvi. Meanwhile, Mobile unit 1 of Nazria Pakistan Trust led by coordinator Prof Saeed Sahikh visited Madressah Naeemia Noor-ul-Quran Lilba-nat, Hab-ib Gang. The ceremony was addressed by senior teacher Robina Shaheen. Mobile Unit 2 and 3 led by Abdus Salam and Nadeem Raza respectively visited Madrassah Anwar-e-Madinah Mughalpura and Madrassha-tul-Madinah, Jamia Aisha Lilbanat Raiw-and. The ceremonies at aforesaid institutions were addressed by Tahir Qadri, Qari Sajjad and Qari Ramzan. The students were also given prizes in quiz programmes and on correct recitation of Allama Iqbals verses in all said institutions. Sets of books were also given to the institutions libraries.