PESHAWAR The three-year extension in the service of Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has been challenged in the Peshawar High Court here on Tuesday. Shahid Orakzai, a journalist-cum-lawyer, filed the writ petition under Article 199 of the Constitution. He prayed to the court to declare the Army Chiefs extension as violation of the Constitution. He said that in the 18th Amendment Act, Article 46 of the Constitution was amended under which the Prime Minister shall only keep the President informed on all matters of internal and foreign policy. The petitioner claimed that under Article 46 there is no room for any consultation between the President and the Prime Minister. He said that under clause 3 of Article 243, the President is bound to make military appointments on the advice of the Prime Minister, but there is no room to double the tenure of any of the four officers COAS, Chief of Naval Staff, Chief of Air Staff and Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee. The petitioner claimed that the decision for extending the service of the COAS is questionable as it could adversely affect the maintenance of discipline among the members of the Armed Forces as emphasised in Article 8 of the Constitution. He further said that under Article 48 of the recently amended Constitution, within 15 days of receiving an advice the President may require the cabinet or the Prime Minister to reconsider such advice either generally or otherwise. As interim relief, the petitioner asked the High Court to protect the discipline of the Armed Forces. The court may immediately request the president to reconsider his advice for extension in the tenure of the COAS.