KARACHI (APP) - PIAs 326th Board of Directors meeting was held in Lahore. A PIA statement issued in Karachi on Tuesday said that the Board considered the proposed Strategic Business Plan of PIA for 2010 to 2014 and deliberated upon the assumptions and projections on which the plan has been based. It said that the Board endorsed that PIAs survival and turnaround strategy will require joint efforts by PIA Management and shareholders/Government of Pakistan. The plan included PIAs commitment to strengthening culture of ethics and compliance; enhancing revenues through aggressive marketing strategies; and operational restructuring in savings. Board was of the view that the shareholders support in the form of equity injection is vital for a sustainable turnaround. It recommended that the Government of Pakistan should review the Aviation Policy to make it equitable for all stakeholders by providing a level playing field to Pakistani airlines and encouraging investment in the sector. The Board further recommended that the Government should approve financial support package to ensure sustainability/viability of PIA. The proposed plan after a few adjustments desired by the Board, will be presented to the Federal Government for approval. Board considered that the CAA Pakistan had already allowed pilots to fly up to the age of 62 years. It considered the Managements recommendations and decided that in order to cater for the shortage of pilots for various aircraft and to ensure the integrity of the schedule, PIA should give option to pilots for rejoining on contract after sixty years which is the superannuation age in PIA provided that they meet the prescribed CAA standards for flying aircraft. Board was apprised of the performance of its subsidiary viz PIA Investments Limited. The Meeting was chaired by Ch. Ahmed Mukhtar, Minister for Defence and Chairman-PIA, and attended by Captain Muhammad Aijaz Haroon, Managing Director PIA, Syed Naseer Ahmad, Malik Nazir Ahmed, Javed Akhtar, Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Syed Athar Ali, Prof. Mian Ijaz ul Hassan, Mubashir Iftikhar, Husain Lawai and Khawaja Jalaluddin Roomi.