LAHORE - Expressing no-confidence in the leadership of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), Vice-President, PTI, Punjab, Asif Khan Tuesday announced to join the PPP at a news conference held at partys Faisal Town secretariat. He announced his joining the PPP in the presence of PPPs Punjab acting President, Sami-ullah Khan and Deputy Secretary, Usman Saleem Malik, as both welcomed him in the party fold, hoping he would come up to the expectations of party leadership. Giving reasons for leaving the PTI, Asif Khan said he had left his parent party owing to ideological differences with its leadership, which, he alleged, was fast becoming a party of extremists with its pro-Taliban views. He alleged that non-political persons with no political background were holding sway in PTI. He said many more were waiting in the wings to leave the party at appropriate time. Speaking on the occasion, Samiullah Khan dispelled the impression that PPP had violated the CoD in Sargodha by-election. He said PML-N lost its seat due to its flawed election strategy. He said since the election took place in the constituency of a minister, it was not possible for the PPP to remain totally aloof from the election process. Samiullah predicted that PML-N would lose more seats if it did not change its policies. The PPP leader also accused the Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif of ignoring the woes of people in Rajanpur caused by recent torrential rains. The Punjab CM was fond of being photographed in deep water in Lahore, but he cannot see the hardships being faced by the residents of Rajanpur, he remarked, adding that CM was neglecting that district as if it was not part of Punjab province. He suspected that Shahbaz Sharif was trying to snatch party leadership from his elder brother, Nawaz Sharif, which was evident from the fact that he did not take any action against MPA Mastikhail as per directions of elder Sharif.