LAHORE - Apprehending spread of malaria and dengue fever in the days to come, Health Department Punjab has directed all the Executive District Officer Health in Punjab to adopt all pre-cautionary measures. He has directed for taking steps to check vector control including vector surveillance with immediate effect. On the directives of the Secretary Health, Fawad Hasan Fawad, the Department has issued a circular to all the EDOs (Health) that the environmental humidity and temperature has become favourable for breeding and rapid growth of mosquitoes which is conducive for transmission of malaria in rural and dengue fever in urban areas, therefore it is crucial to start vector control measures. In the circular issued by the Director General Health Punjab all the EDOs (Health) have been directed to ensure vector control measures including elimination of breeding places, insecticide spray, both indoor residual spray & fogging and public awareness campaign in all the districts to prevent any likely hood of epidemic of malaria and dengue fever. People have been asked to release all stagnant water from broken pots, plastic bottles, old tyres lying on the roofs so that mosquitoes could not br-eed.