KARACHI (APP) - The CNG dealers have urged the government to increase the price of compressed natural gas (CNG) by Rs 3 to Rs 56.63 per kilogram. Addressing a press conference here Tuesday, president CNG Dealers Association Abdus Sami Khan said that review of CNG price was due on July 1, 2010, but the government did not convene meeting in this regard. He said that the cost of CNG stations has increased on account of 1% increase in sales tax, high electricity GST and inflation. Although we do not want to increase CNG prices, it has become very difficult for us to continue to sell CNG at old prices, he added. He said if the government cannot increase gas prices, it should either withdraw 1 per cent increase in GST or change the gas rates for CNG stations from commercial to industrial tariff. Referring to inspection of CNG stations, Sami Khan said that the third party inspectors appointed by OGRA do not have expertise or knowledge of their assignment and they are not regular regarding their visits. They sometimes harass station owners, he alleged. He urged OGRA to assign the inspection work to Karachi-based inspection company. He pointed out that SSGC has started sending inflated gas bills in the name of high BTU values from July 2010. Responding to a question about gas loadshedding, Sami Khan said the association will not close down CNG station in Lahore from August 01, 2010. He also urged SSGC to supply gas with full pressures to CNG stations.