LAHORE - Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry on Tuesday sought report from provincial secretary education and federal secretary education till August 23 on a petition seeking closing of over 50 fake colleges and universities which are not recognised. The petition was filed by Barrister Javed Iqbal Jaffrey who sought courts directions for government to close all the fake colleges and universities. The petitioner challenged the mushroom growth of fake educational institutions in the country. The court ordered both secretaries to collect data about the registration of over 50 colleges and universities, pointed out by the petitioner as bogus and not registered. The judge also ordered for publishing an advertisement in newspapers for information of owners of such educational institutions so that they might appear in the court to defend the legality of these institutions. Jaffrey told the court that he was ready to publish an advertisement in newspapers from his own pocket so that the own-ers of such institutions might be informed about the case pending in the court and they might come to defend it. Petitioner submitted that scores of bogus and ghost institutions had been functioning in Pakistan unchecked. He said these educational institutions in fact were playing havoc with the careers of the youth. He pointed out that the government had no mechanism to check private colleges and universities as they were getting money from students providing nothing in return.