LAHORE Shab-e-Barat was observed with religious fervour and solemnity in the City on Tuesday night. People visited mosques and offered nawafil besides sitting of shabina were held at the mosques in various parts of the City. Special congregations were also held in the City wherein the faithful also spent the night offering nawafil and reciting the Holy Quran. In a number of mosques, sermons were held and arrangements were made for the sehri of faithful as well. People illuminated mosques and houses and prayed for the well-being of Mushlim Ummah. The Imams in their sermons emphasised the need of brotherhood among the Muslims, love for humanity and peace in the country. They also prayed for forgiveness from Allah of all their mistakes. Special security arrangements were made by the security agencies during the night. The people at large attended the mehafils held at Darbar Hazrat Data Gang Bakash (RA), Badshahi Mosques, Shr-ine of Hazrat Mian Mir (RA), Pir Shah Jamal (RA) and others places.