Afghan Taliban captured a NATO plane in Kunduz province north of Afghanistan Wednesday morning, a local official said but declined to be named. Meantime, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed that the militants captured a reconnaissance plane in Qalai Zal district at 09:00 .a.m. local time Wednesday. An official with NATO-led forces in Kunduz province also confirmed the incident. "A reconnaissance UAD plane made emergency landing in Yangariq area of Qalai Zal district this morning," Lieutenant Colonel Weber told Xinhua. However, he did not say if there were any crews inside the plane. Meanwhile, Syed Ibrahim Turkman, police chief of Qalai Zal district, in talks with Xinhua confirmed that Yangariq area is in the control of Taliban militants. This is the first time that Taliban insurgents captured a NATO plane over the past nine years. The militants on Friday captured two U.S. soldiers in Logar province 60 km south of Afghan capital Kabul. One of the soldiers has been killed by the insurgents while efforts for the recovery of the other have been continuing in parts of Logar and Ghazni provinces.