ISLAMABAD - Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) spokesperson has said that quality of HIT products and its industrial production capability are up to the world standard.

He said that Mohafiz vehicles produced by the HIT has performed to its optimum, keeping in view the claimed protection levels. HIT has the capability of even upgrading its products. Production of high-level defence products is under way. “What one needs to remember is that some vested interests are trying to sideline HIT. This not only will affect the process of self-reliance that Pakistan is acquiring in the field of defence production but harm the larger national interest too”, spokesperson added.

The spokesperson said that Pakistan’s defence production has come a long way as far as meeting the requirements of the armed forces of Pakistan is concerned.

This flourishing local industry is not only saving billions but also generating a lot of business activity in Pakistan. The effect of which trickles down to the lowest level of the society.

Presently, state of the art defence equipment is being produced in these defence industries and it should be suffice to say that today almost all the defence needs of defence equipments are being met by indigenously produced tanks, aircrafts, guns, ships, ammunitions etc. The fact that these defence equipments are being used by Pakistan defence forces, sufficiently proves and testifies that indigenously produced equipment is of high-quality and can match any international standards.

There are a number of friendly countries who have already acquired our facilitation in the field of defence. They are engaged with our defence industries in benefiting jointly from each others potential and capabilities. However, one has to bear in mind this is a multibillion dollar industry therefore various quarters with vested interests keep trying to exploit the situation to their advantage.

This journey towards self-reliance in the field of defence production is a healthy sign for the economy. It raises Pakistan’s mantle in the community of nations. We are proud of our technicians and support staff who have made this possible. Today Pakistan not only bears the capacity of producing these state of the art machines but is also open to the world markets.