RAWALPINDI - The citizens have complained that the City District Government Rawalpindi (CDGR) was only conducting surveys instead of taking concrete steps for the removal of cattle, especially buffalos, from congested areas of the city, creating stinking smell.

According to details, citizens lamented that they have been facing worrisome situation due to presence of buffalos at numerous areas in the city while concerned authorities were using delaying tactics to enforce the ban on keeping buffalos in residential areas of the city.

Citizens complained that the concerned officials have been using delaying tactics for the removal of buffalos and have failed to take any concreted action in this regard.

The citizens added that buffalos were not only contributing to poor environment while the sewerage system of the localities often remains blocked where buffalos are kept which form ponds of stagnant nullah water.

The poor situation provides breeding places to various infectious insects and mosquitoes.

They have asked the concerned authorities to visit the localities where the buffalos are kept in order to know how the residents were living in miserable environment.