KOT RADHA KISHAN - PML-N MNA Malik Rasheed Ahmad Khan has said that Ali Baba and 40 thieves sitting in the centre love plundering, corruption and looting of public wealth and they have no feelings for Pakistan.

He was talking to media here on Friday.

He claimed that corrupt rulers had ruined the country's economy over the past four years.

"The announcement regarding the establishment of a Seraiki Bank by Zardari in the Southern Punjab is another well-conceived plan to commit dacoity on public wealth but the masses are well aware now and no jugular could hood-winked them anymore," he elaborated.

He declared that Ali Baba and forty thieves would be buried politically through the power of vote by the masses in the next general elections.

He pointed out that the PML-N under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif would put the country prosperity and would steer it out of the current quagmire after coming to power.

"We will build a new Pakistan where justice, merit, trust and honesty will prevailing, where there will be no corruption and exploitation." he explained, adding that PML-N made it clear to the Prime Minister at the energy conference held at Lahore that Ali Baba and 40 thieves were responsible for plunging the country into darkness.

Malik vent off his emotions, saying that un-countable sacrifices were rendered for the creation of motherland. The souls of those who rendered sacrifices will be perturbed that the national resources were being looted ruthlessly in Pakistan, he added.

He said that despite the lapse of 64 years, the Pakistan of the poor was still different from the Pakistan of the rich and elite.

He claimed that in the coming elections the masses would be clean sweep all the parties and only elect the PML-N, because they knew that PML-N was only party who knows the problems of the people.