KARACHI - Civil society organisations and people at large have expressed concern over violation of human rights in Myanmar and demanded government of Myanmar to abide by the international consensus on the rights of people. In a joint statement issued here on Friday, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan; Pakistan Peace Coalition, Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research PILER and other leaders said the situation in Myanmar is intolerable for all those committed to universal human rights, including secure lives and prosperous livelihoods.They urged Noble Peace Prize winner Aun Sang Suui Kyi to create conditions for a safe return of refugees to their homes in Myanmar. Her voice is heard around the world, and hence she should take bold steps immediately, which must include social protection of the Rohingya community. “We urge the Buddhist community around the world to remind the people of Myanmar of the priority given to peace.”Recent weeks have witnessed horrific events in Myanmar. Mobs have targeted the Rohingya population, resulting in the brutal murder of scores of Rohingya and displacement of tens of thousands of children, women, and men. Appallingly, the Myanmar military leadership has labeled Rohingyas as an ethnic and religious minority not deserving of full protection as citizens. NeighboUring Bangladesh behaves most callously, forcing thousands to live in hiding or squalid refugee settlements along the border.They also demanded Pakistan government as well as other Saarc and ASEAN governments to forcefully remind the government of Myanmar that the inhuman violence sharply retards the progress towards democracy for its people and is therefore unacceptable for full inclusion in regional cooperation.“We demand of the people and government of Bangladesh to provide full refugee status to those compelled to flee Myanmar. Security of adequate food and humane shelter must be the first priority in sincere protection of refugees. SAARC and ASEAN countries must consider their obligation to assist Bangladesh in supporting refugees.”