ISLAMABAD - Contrary to real market situation, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) on Friday revealed that inflation has reduced by 0.79 per cent during the first week of holy month of Ramazan.Prices of basic food commodities including fresh fruits, vegetables have surged during the initial days of Ramazan, however, PBS, official body of measuring inflation, has revealed that inflation has decreased by 0.79 per cent during the week ended on Thursday. According to the PBS figures, inflation based on SP) has recorded a minor decrease of 0.79 per cent during the week ended on Thursday compared to its preceding week. However, SPI-based inflation has registered an increase of 6.71 per cent in the period under review as compare to the same period last year.Prices of 18 items recorded an increase, prices of 12 items were decreased and prices of 23 commodities did not register any change. However, real market situation present otherwise, as prices of almost every commodity has increased during the first week of holy Ramazan. Price of per dozen bananas has increased to Rs 105 during the last week as compared to the Rs 101 of preceding week, per kg price of garlic enhanced to Rs 108 from Rs 104 and price of 11 kg LPG cylinder surged to Rs1247 from Rs 1219. Meanwhile, prices of tomatoes, wheat, milk powdered, onions, gur, eggs, mustard oil, fresh milk, red chillies, rice basmati broken and rice irri-6 recorded minor increase during the period under review.Meanwhile, price of per kg chicken has decreased to Rs 151 during the last week as compared to the Rs 176 of preceding week, price of 10 kg wheat flour bag has reduced to Rs 300 from Rs 308 and prices of tea (yellow label 200 gm) down to Rs 130 from Rs 134.Meanwhile, prices of different pulses, vegetable ghee and oil, sugar decreased during the period under review.However, prices of bread plain, mutton, beef, petrol, diesel, kerosene oil, salt, firewood and other commodities remained unchanged during the week ended on Thursday against preceding week.