Federal Law Minister Farooq H Naek has said that the President, the Prime Minister and the Ministers enjoy constitutional immunity and that cannot be challenged. Talking to media at the Sindh High Court on Saturday, the law Minister said that there is nothing in the contempt of court bill that judicial decisions cannot be enforced against President and the Prime Minister.  He said an independent judicial system is necessary along with an independent judiciary. He said the government accords due honour and respect to the judiciary and was not interested to reduce its powers. He said at the same time the government does not want confrontation between institutions and if they work by remaining within their ambit, that would strengthen democracy. He said the courts agree, the government was ready for functioning of the courts in the evening for speedy disposal of cases. He said shortage of female judges was being field direly in the country.  He said Bar Councils and Ministry of Law and Justice should also be given authority to propose names for the judges. However, he said to do this, amendments would have to be made in the relevant law.