The main character in the Olympic visa scandal case, Abid Chaudhry has come out of the hiding after his brother passed away Saturday morning. Abid Chaudhry talking to a private TV channel alleged that the infamous scandal took his elder brother Arif Chaudhry ’s life who passed away today after suffering a heart attack. Ending his assumed disappearance and appearing before the media  Abid Chaudhry told that his family has been in constant agony since the scandal emerged. The high tension even took his brother’s life. He pleaded the government and judiciary for justice. Abid Chaudhry had gone underground after joint investigation team of the FIA and NADRA launched a crackdown against those involved in the Olympic visa scandal. Chaudhry’s family said he went into hiding due to threats to his life, adding that he will only appear if summoned by the court. Meanwhile Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik has given directives to FIA for not arresting key character of Olympics Visa Scandal Abid Chaudhry. According to the sources, Rehman Malik has directed FIA to meet Abid Chaudhry, take relevant information from him and submit the report today. The federal minister also directed to not harass the key character of the scandal.