ISLAMABAD - The NAB Chairman has constituted a Prevention Committee on Haj Group Organisers under Section 33-C of National Accountability Ordinance, 1999. The committee comprising representatives of Ministry of Religious Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Finance and Revenue, Law Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Interior, Pakistan International Airline, Saudi Air Line, Cabinet Division and representatives from Haj Operators would hold its maiden meeting on July 31, 2012 at NAB Headquarters, Islamabad. The purpose of formulating of committee under the prevision of Section 33-C is to assist Ministry of Religious Affairs in preparing policies, rules and regulations and criterion for Haj Regulators to ensure meritocracy, fair play and transparency so as Hujjaj in particular and public in general are facilitated in an efficient manner.The committee will prepare recommendations through consensus with Ministry of Religious Affairs and other stakeholders pertaining to issues of policymaking and implementation, Haj Organisers Registration, hiring of building in KSA, booking and ticketing system including preparation of passports, awareness campaigns and all other related matters to Haj and Ziaraat. Final recommendations so formulated will be submitted to Chairman NAB who in return under the statutory obligations will send it to concern quarters for implementation. The committee has been constituted in the backdrop of having a large number of complaints and scams surfacing almost on yearly basis. A numbers of committees in each province and at federal level have been constituted under the Prevention Regime to bring good governance through strengthening regulators and authorities established to ensure rule of law, transparency accountability and meritocracy in overall executive system. Meanwhile, under a plea bargain deal, NAB (Rawalpindi) hands over Rs 4,622,741 to CDA. In November 2011, an investigation in NAB (Rawalpindi) was started on the basis of a news published in a national daily regarding embezzlement of funds from within Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA), Capital Development Authority, Islamabad. Accused Malik Jamil Ahmed, Ex Assistant DMA, CDA and Syed Aftab Haider, Ex UDC, DMA, CDA in connivance with each other illegally released 18 x bank instruments worth Rs 14.425 million and provided these bank instruments to accused Kamran Khan for credit in his account thus causing a loss to DMA, CDA. Prior to authorization of inquiry at NAB (R), department had recovered Rs 3 million from accused persons. Accused Kamran Khan managed to get illegal credit of Rs 10,235,000 in his bank account. Since two bank instruments could not be materialised and in case of one instrument, the bank branch on its own recoveredRs 1,500,000 in his bank account. Therefore Kamran Khan got net illegal credit of Rs 8,735,000 in his bank account against 14 x bank instruments. Accused Kamran Khan and Malik Jamil were arrested in Dec 2011. During custody Kamran Khan and Malik Jamil submitted offers for plea bargain. The liability of all the three accused were assessed and legal opinion was duly obtained.  The voluntary return (VR) of Rs 1, 267,800 offered by accused Aftab Haider was accepted by NAB. The liabilities of accused Malik Jamil Ahmad has been assessed as Rs 2,423,625 Accused Kamran Khan had offered to plea bargain money amounting to Rs 4,622,741 the same was accepted by NAB and approved by the competent authority. DG NAB (R) handed over the cheque of recovered amount i.e. Rs 4,622,741 to Karamatullah Khan, Admn officer (MF) DMA, CDA Islamabad on July 23, 2012.