ISLAMABAD – High-ups in National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), while benefiting blue-eyed officials with illegal promotions to lucrative slots, has ostensibly committed sheer mockery of Nepra Service Rules (NSR), it has been learnt reliably on Friday. As the mis-governance and nepotism ruling the roost in PPP-led federal government, another case of illegal promotion on executive slot in National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), following the promotion of Anwar Malik, has surfaced that has further raised serious questions on the performance of the authority.Reliable sources aware of the matter told TheNation that former NEPRA Chairman Khalid Saeed in connivance with Nepra Members including Ghias ul Din, Maqbool Khwaja, and Zafar Ali Khan, while giving promotions to five favourites, has brushed aside the NSR of Nepra and further tightened the service rules for those which were kept on waiting for promotions from a long time despite good conduct and appreciable performance in the regulatory authority. They further told that the blue-eyed officials who had gotten illegal promotions despite lacking outstanding performance report were Mazhar Iqbal Ranjha Deputy Director (Standard) from NPG level 3(B) to NPG level A, Syed Zawar Haider Assistant Director (Consumers) from NPG level 1(B) to NPG level 1(A), Lashkar Khan Assistant Director (Consumer Affairs) from NPG level 1(B) to NPG level 1(A), Muhammad Imran Assistant Director (Standard) from NPG level 1 (B) to NPG level 1(A) and Ahmad Nadeem Assistant Director (Finance) from NPG level 2(A) to NPG level 3(B).  They said these officials could get promotions only on outstanding performance in according with the Nepra Service Rules (NSR). However, these blue eyed got promotions despite the absence of outstanding performance reports as former chairman hands in glove with Nepra Members gave these promotions.Available documents have also confirmed the illegal promotions in Nepra. The working paper, which was presented in the Admin Department for the promotion of these officials, however, lacked the performance report of these influential pets as no information submitted in this very regard. Surprisingly, former Chairman Khalid Saeed, incumbent Acting Chairman then Member Ghias ul Din, former Members Maqbool Khawaja, and Zafar Ali Khan despite raising objections over these illegal promotions to lucrative slots became indifferent and preferred to keep mum while dozens of competent Nepra officials are still kept on waiting for promotions. However, it is ironic that though former Chairman Khalid Saeed had earlier declined to give illegal promotion to influential Anwar Malik and submitted his note of dissent yet he had ignored the Nepra Service Rules while giving promotions to blue-eyed officials and three responsible Nepra Member also supported him in this decision of promotion.It must be noted here that the appointment of former Chairman Nepra Khalid Saeed in 2008 was contrary to the relevant rules and regulations, as he had never applied for this post.Further, he got this favour only because of having the post of the then Principle Secretary of caretaker Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Somroo. Reportedly, a resolution was passed against his appointment in Senate. Khalid Saeed enjoyed this lucrative slot of Nepra Chairman for four years, one month and ten days against the Nepra Act that permits only four years job duration for the chairman. Furthermore, Khalid Saeed also remained desperate to get eight months further extension but owing to news items of his appointment notification in the media he preferred to resign from the post.