PESHAWAR - The recent decrease in prices of petroleum products has created a big confusion among commuters and transporters regarding fixation of fares from one vehicle stand to another in the provincial capital Peshawar, as it frequently caused quarrels among passengers and drivers.

The commuters demand that the fares should be decreased in the wake of decrease in the petroleum products prices. On the other hand, the drivers said they did not find any relief with reduction of prices of the petroleum products, as they get increased again and again.

A citizen Kamal Hussain, using public transport, told TheNation, that the real matter was not the petroleum prices but when the conductors are asked for the due fare list, they did not have it. He said that on the routine bases he found one of the commuters on quarrel with the driver or the conductor for fare matter. He said that they taking more fare from the commuters to cash their constraint of hurry gone.

Another person belonging from rural area of Peshawar Ilyas Khalil make a compliant that who would come to implement the right fare list on the intra-transport (Ford wagons and Mazda buses), and how the common man know about the updated fare list.

The drivers specially the ford wagons said that after the change in their route from Khyber Road, they are on the long route inside the city now. So they still demanding for increase in the fare because they are facing lose on the long route.

Secretary Regional Transport Authority (RTA) Syed Ahmad Naseem told TheNation that “we did not issue any new fare list with the recent variation in the prices of the petroleum products.” He informed that the present fare price list was produced in accordance to the diesel prices that was Rs 93 per litre and at present the diesel price was Rs 97 per litre but the same list was implemented. He said the fares were not increased even when the petroleum prices were raised to Rs 105 per litre in the city. He said fare from one stop to another for diesel engine was Rs 12 and for CNG engine it was Rs 10 in the intra-city transport.

He said it was reported to the authority that some CNG engine vehicles (Ford wagons) were taking fare for transport to a stop Rs 12 or more because of their long route. About the implementation of the fare prices Ahmad Naseem told TheNation that they haven’t their own force to sent them to roads to implement the fares. He said it is responsibility of the traffic police to keep check on the fare prices.

He said the RTA soon called a meeting on the fare price matters and ensure to keeping the fare price list by each and every public transport vehicle of the city. He vows that he would go out on the road to operate the fare list to vanish the quarrel among the transporters and commuters.