ISLAMABAD - All the tall claims of Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) and team management brought down to earth as green shirts lost both of their practice matches against minnows Belgium and European superpower Holland to the much of disappointment of the Pakistani nation who were already not satisfied with the team selection.

One can argue that they were only friendly or practice matches, but green shirts should have taken them seriously and tried to built on these matches and mend their mistakes, but Pakistan team were completely outclassed by both Belgium and Holland is quite alarming, as competitive action in the Olympics is about to commence.

The most disappointing thing, noticed during these two matches, was the poor performance of Pakistan captain Sohail Abbas, who was selected just because of his ability to convert short corners into goals, but despite Pakistan getting a total of seven plenty corners, four against Belgium and three against Holland, Sohail failed to convert even a single of them.

If Sohail can’t score on short corners what is the reason behind his selection in the national side even he has already past his best, as at 37 plus no one can except wonders from him. He was supposed to lead from the front and provide Pakistan goals on short corners, but he looked completely off color and all his attempts were easily saved by the goalkeepers.

It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan team lost its first game by 2-0 against Belgium and 5-1 against Holland.

The PHF current management kept of befooling the masses ever since they took over the helm of hockey. Pakistan hockey had gone from bad to worse during these dark days. The only achievement the current management could claim is the lifting of Asia Cup after two decades, but that too was entirely done by the brilliant performances of some individuals and especially the goalkeeper Salman Akbar who played an outstanding tournament to bring gold for Pakistan, otherwise we could have return empty handed.

The entire selection of the team raises many question marks soon after the announcement of the Olympic-bound squad. Former greats had cautioned and raised their voices in concern and termed the selection wrong, but no one form the federation pay any heed to their genuine demands and now all their fears regarding the team are proving right.

Akhtar Rasool was a great captain and player and no one can argue on that but he is not a good coach and results under his short tenure speak highly of his performances. He could hardly move his feat because of the weight he had so gained how could he coach a national side.

Had the Prime Minister, who is also the patron in chief of the federation, taken timely decision and removed the entire management the things could have been far different.

The current management is the worst in the entire history of Pakistan. The country had to suffer both at national and international levels as from human smuggling to infightings, groupings and many more things, the current management had done nothing in practical for the promotion of hockey or players.

Now only a miracle can save the blushes of fast declining fortunes of Pakistan hockey.