HAMBURG  - About 50,000 tonnes of Pakistani corn has been sold abroad largely to Indonesia in the past month as Pakistan starts its new crop corn export programme, European traders said on Friday.“With global corn supplies looking to be so tight and with prices so high, Pakistan is benefitting,” one trader said. “Indonesian buyers are seeking supplies before prices go up even further and Pakistan is one of the few suppliers with substantial volumes available for prompt shipment to Asia.”Drought in the US Midwest grain belt caused U.S. corn and soybean prices to hit records this month, with corn prices up 55 percent since June at their peaks. The Pakistani corn sales were made largely to Indonesia for both container and bulk shipment, with one 20,000 tonne bulk carrier to be loaded in Pakistan in the first week of August, traders said.“A further 20,000 tonnes is currently being negotiated for shipment in August from Pakistan to Indonesia,” a trader said. Pakistan is also starting to speed up wheat sales following a slow start to its export season which starts in late May with about 115,000 tonnes sold abroad since May.