SADIQABAD - The PML-F will make an all-out effort to resolve the people's grievances, pledged Syed Murtaza Mehmood, the party's Punjab leader, while addressing Youth Wing members at a ceremony held at village Kotla Hayyat. "The PML-F is the real party. Local people are joining the party in crowds which is a good omen," Mr Muftaza said. "The movement for the restoration of Bahawalpur province is near to reach its destination. Now the local people should unite under the leadership of Syed Mehmood Ahmad,"

He claimed that the tenure of Syed Mehmood as district nazim was unprecedented and it was acknowledged by the WB and the govt of Pakistan. After his tenure, district Rahim Yar Khan had been grabbed by Qabza Mafia, Mr Murtaza said and added that now after the restoration of the provincial status of Bahawalpur, the region will be got back from the grabbers.  Murtaza said that PML-F senior leader had continued the mission of serving the public altruistically and selflessly. He added that after the restoration, the people's deprivations would be removed as chief justice, chief minister, inspector general and chief secretaries would be appointed from within the proposed province. 

In the contrary, the common man has no access to such officers in Lahore. Insha'Allah, the people will soon hear the glad tidings regarding the restoration, he expressed the hope. Mr Akmal, Abid Hussain and Arshad Ashraf while addressing the participants said that the resoration of Bahawalpur was inevitable in the present circumstances.

They regretted that our qualified youth with degrees in hands, are not being given jobs.

At the ceremony organised by the Youth Wing, tehsil president Muhammad Akmal, Secretary General Jam Abid Hussain, Arshad Ashraf, Shahid Awan and Muhammad Naeem were also present.