LAHORE – The PML-N will hold a national conference on the law and order situation in Karachi, energy crisis and the alarming price hike next month.Talking to this scribe, PML-N General Secretary Iqbal Zafar Jhagra said the national conference would be held in Karachi; however, the date and other relevant matters had not been finalised at the party level.Describing the law and order in Karachi very serious, Jhagra said its impact was being felt by the whole country, adding that PML-N President Nawaz Sharif had decided to hold the moot with a view to finding a way out in consultation with all political parties and achieving a consensus.The PML-N leader said his party pursued a policy of holding dialogue with everyone and going to any length in the national interest and the same spirit was at work in holding the conference.“The fact that PML-N wants to take everyone on board is quite clear in the appointment of the new chief election commissioner, as it even consulted the PTI before finalising the name for the slot.”He said with the same mind, the PML-N would take all other parties along on controlling the Karachi situation where the innocent’s blood was being shed every day, while the criminals were at large.To a question on the differences between the party leaders - PML-N Khyber PK President Pir Sabir Shah and Central Organizer Youth Wing Cap (r) Safdar - over the party office bearers of Hazara Division, Jhagra dispelled the impression that the differences were serious and said, “They are part of democracy wherein everyone has a right to present his different view on a matter.” He said Nawaz Sharif has held meeting with the leaders and the situation was totally under control.