PESHAWAR - PPP-), KPK, President Sikandar Hayat Sherpao criticised the provincial govt for its ‘failure to force’ the federal government to ensure timely payment of revenue receipts amounting to Rs 19 billion.

Talking to party delegations here Thursday, he said that sluggish revenue receipts inflows were affecting various ongoing development projects in the terrorism-stricken province. He said that the revenue shortfall from the federal tax assignment was dropped by three billions at the end of the fiscal on June 30, which was earlier over 15 billion.

He held the ANP-led provincial coalition responsible for its failure to secure the outstanding arrears to be paid by the federal government. He said that in its friendship with the PPP-led federal coalition, the ANP government has compromised on Pakhtuns’ rights.

He said shortfall from the federal tax assignment might rob the province of the ability to meet its financial obligations, asking the provincial government to immediately take up the issue with the center by taking all the political parties on board.

He maintained that militancy had been wrecking havoc on the provincial economy and non-payment of funds by the federal government would further deteriorate the condition.  He asked the federal government to ensure immediate payment of the outstanding arrears.