KARACHI - Sindh University Teachers Association (SUTA) continued its protest on Friday against rejoining of controversial Vice Chancellor of Sindh University Dr Nazir Mughul and alleged that the latter had implemented anti-education policies which have resulted in the decline of the university’s ranking conducted by the Higher Education Commission.According to the statement issued by the SUTA, the teachers’ body leaders said that the ranking of any university depends on the quality outcome of its teaching and research activities. During two-year tenure of Nazir Mughul, the ranking of the university has declined by three steps. This is because instead of encouraging the teaching and research activities, Mughul implemented policies which discouraged such activities, the teachers’ leaders blamed. Citing the weird policies, the SUTA leaders quoted their white paper and alleged that immediately after taking the charge, Nazir Mughul imposed ban on the purchase of books for libraries, and materials/chemicals/equipment for laboratories. While there is no budget for books and lab materials/chemicals, the controversial VC Nazir Mughul got the money ready to get diesel generators. The total yearly budget for books is Rs10 million, which remains banned till today, teachers alleged, adding, the Vice Chancellor has spent Rs8 million of the University to buy two diesel generators for his use and PVC houses. The students get no experience in using, applying, practicing lab-related skills, as there is no money available for the purchase of lab materials. Teachers are told to look the other way and use the labs for just one day. The students get practical marks without having done any experiments in the labs, the statement added. SUTA statement further alleged Nazir Mughul stopped the award of HEC scholarships to faculty members of the university and instead placed the amount in bank as fixed deposit to claim interest and used it for personal benefits. Around 80 Sindh University faculty members are waiting after passing GRE but they are not given the scholarship and the completion time of the project is going to end by the end of this year. Because of the non-utilisation of funds HEC has stopped awarding further scholarships under faculty development programme to the University of Sindh. Arrangement of local, national and international conferences/seminars and workshops is a key factor in the calculation of the ranking of a university. Instead of encouraging such activities, the VC tried to impose funding restrictions and hence caused damage to the university ranking, the teachers blamed.    As per procedural requirements, the final PhD seminar is to be attended by Vice Chancellor, however, during his complete tenure, Nazir Mughul had hardly attended a few seminars owing to his ill health and very old age. He usually resides in Karachi or engages in unnecessary foreign tours and has no interest in the affairs of the university.The SUTA further alleged that Nazir Mughul gave a green signal to 'zero attendance" policy. Now, students with zero attendance sit in the examination. This policy has drastically affected the quality of education and hence the ranking of the university. It is because of this policy that in 2011 classes could continue for only 20 days as students had no interest in attending the classes.  The teachers’ body in its statement charged that the university admission policy implemented by the controversial VC was yet another factor contributing towards the decline in its ranking. They further alleged that throughout his period as VC, the Admission Cell has sold seats to those students having zero and minus marks in the pre-entry test. A share of these seats is also given to the leaders of student wings of various political parities. A conflict among students and VC Mughul over this share took the life of Prof Bashir Ahmed Channar, visiting professor and director students’ affairs, teachers’ body claimed.In the light of the above charges and allegations, the SUTA leaders demanded the Governor Sindh/Chancellor for an independent swift inquiry against VC. They also demanded immediate removal from the post of the VC, appointment of new in-service VC as per HEC criteria, arrest of the killers of Prof Bashir Channar, restoration of student unions and improvement in the internal security and other infrastructure services of the university.