RAWALPINDI – Under the direction of Punjab government, special investigation team and anti-corruption team have started investigation of illegal recruitment of grade 18 officers in Arid Agricultural University Rawalpindi and seized record of the recruitments.

According to information, Vice Chancellor Arid Agricultural University, Dr Ahsan ul Haq has summoned a meeting of the university syndicate on July 29 aiming at to get approval of blue-eyed people, who had been recruited without getting formal approval from the university’s syndicate.

Although, the Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif directed the university administration to advertise the recruitment and allow one-month time to potential candidates but the vice chancellor, Dr Ahsan ul Haq had started recruiting candidates by giving on week time only.

The recruitment was not being carried out in accordance to merit and Dr Ahsan ul Haq had recruited his close relative as an assistant director in the university and also recruited two more blue-eyed people in grade 17 and 18.

Establishing a new selection board on July 20, Dr Ahsan ul Haq cancelled a selection board, which was being setup by the Provincial Secretary Agriculture, Mian Mushtaq for the university’s recruitment.

Meanwhile, the university administration called the candidates on July 21 for interview but their interviews were not been conducted and they were asked to report on next day, same thing happened on July 22 and 24.

Owing to this high headiness of the university’s administration majority of the candidates did not appear in the interview after July 24, as they had been disappointed.

Taking benefits of low turn out of candidates in interview, the selection board appointed the university’s Vice Chancellor, Dr-Ahsan-ul Haq daughter’s Ayesha as an assistant director and sons’ of two dean have been appointed as Network engineer in Information and Technology department of the university while sister of Chairman Food and Technology Department, Dr Tariq Masood has been appointed as store officer by the selection board.

Earlier, Secretary Punjab Agricultural Department, Mian Mushtaq had summoned the University’s Vice Chancellor in Lahore and directed him to cancel all recruitment, which had already been completed by the University while a high level committee has been set up to probe the matter and it would submit its report to Secretary Agricultural