A 17-month-old toddler is setting off on a five-year around the world adventure after her parents sold everything so they could buy a boat and live their dream.

Martina Della Volpe will head off together with her Croat mother, tattoo artist Kristina Damijanidis, 32, and her Italian father, hairdresser Giuseppe Della Volpe, 45.

The baby will sail aboard the 12-metres-long sailboat Martigues with her parents who plan to be at sea for the next five years before she would need to go to school.

Kristina said: “There were for sure a few people that were critical but we have really planned everything carefully.

“Our daughter will get to spend a lot of time with us at this crucial time in her life and we’ve taken plenty of toys and books. What more would she need?”

The couple already travelling now for two weeks heading from Chioggia, in northern Italy, to Split in Croatia. After the Adriatic Sea they plan to sail across the Mediterranean towards Spain and then through Gibraltar to head over the Atlantic ocean and later the Pacific towards Australia. Kristina said: “I was born by the sea and I have always loved it. My husband is the same - and the sea is a symbol of freedom for us that we can never find on land.                               –WO