KARACHI - A team of doctors and vital medicines are set to dispatch to Gaza, this was announced by Dr Saqib Hussain Ansari, renowned hematogist and the General Secretary of Omair Sana Foundation while addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club (KPC) here on Sunday.

Briefing to the audience, Dr Ansari said that the number of martyr has risen to a thousand while several thousands have been injured due to Israeli war machine. There a grave scarcity of food and medicine due to continues bombing. There are limited sources of doctors, paramedics which is resulted the large scale causalities. The infrastructure of health care has collapsed.

He said according to UN 80 percent of the dead are civilian with 30 percent are children. Different NGOs of numerous countries want to enter in the affected area to give medication of the people of Gaza but they are stooped at the border of Egypt. The situation is tense and deplorable.

He further added human tragedy is eminent if it is not redressed in time. Hopefully the access could be granted in couple of days and relief activities to the border areas would be soon started.

Sensing the situation, Omair Sana Foundation has prepared a team of doctors with vital medicines and announced to send in the affected area. The desperately need food and medicine with surgical items at the moment, he sated. 

Dr Ansari said that foundation relief Department will ensure the supply chain of medicine and relief activities with collaboration of Islamic Mission United kingdom.