LAHORE - A resolution was passed against Israeli massacre in Gaza as well as the silence of Muslim countries by the Pakistan Visionary Forum at the Tech Society Club here on Sunday.It was attended by renowned intellectuals, poets and members of apex judiciary who registered their grief and condemnation over the continuing violence.

Former MD Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Engr Mansoor Ahmed said that Israeli atrocities in Gaza constituted a massacre of humanity.

He lamented the fact that except for Turkey, no other Muslim country has protested in a strong manner. He explained that behind Israel’s killing of innocent civilians in Gaza city was ultimately a plan to destroy certain parts of Al-Aqsa Mosque which were of historic and religious significance to the Muslims all over the world.

Adviser Comsats University Professor Dr Hasibullah said that the prevailing plight of Muslims ought to be seen in the backdrop of the Israeli conflict. He said it is simply because of ignorance.

He said that the solution is that Muslims ought to wake up, equip themselves with the weapon of knowledge and have a reality check.

Former Chairman IRSA, Engr Shafqat Masood said that as Pakistan is an atomic power in the throes of polio, there is not much that it could do in order to make the West realise what Israel is doing in Gaza.

 Lamenting lack of unity within Pakistan, he said that even Kashmiris are now advising us to first set our house in order before helping them gain freedom.

He said the reality is that Pakistan cannot practically boycott Western or Israeli products.  

Former Dean Humanities, Lahore College for Women Prof Dr Atiya Syed stressed on the need to tap into the sensitivity prevailing within certain lobbies in the West who genuinely care about the plight of the Muslims.  

She said there are even segments of intelligentsia within Israel who are stern critics of their country’s naked persecution of Palestinians and hence a contact needs to be established with them in order to formulate a roadmap to finally end Palestinian’s dilemma.

 She also expressed grief over the fact that since Pakistanis have even forgotten their Kashmiri brethren, what can they do for Palestinians.

Justice (Retd) Sharif Hussain Bokhari referred to a report in foreign Press which had claimed that the attack on Gaza was months in the making.

He said that in order to pressurise Israel, many of the natural resources such as oil and water which were under the control of the Middle Eastern countries ought to be blocked.

Former Minister of State and famous columnist Qayyum Nizami said that Palestine is a hot issue that is linked, in one way or other with the problems of the entire Muslim world. He regretted there are only 4 per cent Jews who have been able to weaken the whole Ummah.

He said that the problem was also about lack of leadership within the world of Islam.

He said that Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Shah Faisal were two such icons who were silenced because of their futuristic vision.