It’s an appeal of innocent human beings who are paying price of environmental changes caused due to the reckless deeds of others. On the eve of Eid various streams overflew, due to heavy downpour, causing flash floods which have washed away many houses, crops, property, shops, bridges and most importantly roads connecting Garam Chashma valley in District Chitral to the rest of the country. Since then the geographically treacherous area has been completely landlocked. The area houses a population of almost 1000, 000 people. The people in these areas depend on supplies from down countries to meet everyday needs. Since roads have been washed away the flux of commodities and household supplies has come to a complete halt.

This poses a serious danger to survival of thousands of inhabitants of the treacherous land. Other areas of the district have also been hit by this natural calamity and the damages done are beyond imagination. Immediate needs include; food items, medical supplies and shelters for the homeless people. The government should take immediate steps to mitigating this emergency situation and declare Chitral a calamity hit district. In doing so it should involve civil society philanthropists and the international community. Timely mobilisation of resources could rescue the humanity in need.


Chitral, July 19.