Heatstroke killed more than 1500 people in Karachi; the drastic weather change due to lack of rains and many other reasons caused this calamity. This environmental change can be brought under control by a few things done in the city. If the government could plant some trees on urgent basis, they could cultivate mangrove and palm tree parks. Karachi has a long coastal belt including Cape Monze and Sunehra Beach which could be helpful. Cape Monze is also locally known as Ras Muari, three km away from Mubarak Village. There is a light house, which was built by British regime in 1914. Turtles come along the beach to bread.

Sunehra Beach is near Manjar Goth, where land mafia is active in the grabbing public beach with officials support. According to law, public beaches cannot be allotted to a private party. Public access to the beach should be ensured. The Sindh government should take immediate notice and remove the encroachment along the beach side, which could be a good area for palm tree plantation.


Karachi, July 17.