A: My cousin just came back from his trip to London. He got me some measly chocolates. They also have traces of gelatin! I do not really see the point of spending a ridiculous amount of money for going to a foreign, overcrowded country, that doesn’t even have halal food.

S: Just pop one chocolate in Ameen! God won’t say anything. If they have money, why not. I do not see any harm in enjoying your hard earned cash on something you like. Don’t, start with that argument of children starving in Africa. How do you know that these people, who go to these trips, do not actually give away a chunk of money to charity? Some people are just born rich. Others, like you and I, call sitting at home watching pirated movies as a vacation. We just have to deal with it.

A: Oh please. I highly doubt that yearly trips to London are something that the common man in Pakistan can afford, with the salary we get. Why don’t more people invest in travelling to places inside of Pakistan? Scenic beauties of the north have barely been visited by people from our own country. It is high time; we start appreciating them, rather than always sitting on a plane to some ‘exotic’ land.

S: Relax Ameen. Maybe your cousin forgot to read the ingredients on the chocolates. After you give him this very delightful speech, maybe he will forget the chocolates as well.