The Judicial Commission’s report findings have proved deeply embarrassing for the PTI generally, and Imran Khan in particular. The ‘tsunami’ rhetoric has gone to his head. His recent allegations against the findings make him seem desperate to make his summer of dharnas count for something. One had thought that once the commission announced that there was no evidence of rigging, the PTI would bow down gracefully. Seeking scapegoats and making excuses to salvage a lost cause, will bring neither credit nor credibility back to the party.

From the incessant demands of the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, to the ultimatum of the notice of the election commission officials, the climb-down for PTI is steep and crushing. We all have counted down the countless ‘dharnas’, the everlasting monotonous speeches and the same old jaded song about a ‘Naya Pakistan’. Now with all of this seeming futile, many PTI party leaders themselves have spoken against taking such a direction. Did none of these leaders forsee this outcome and plan ahead? Were they all blinded by their red and green armour and hypnotised by the song-stylings of DJ Butt?

The terms of reference, ones that decided what was going to be asked by the Judicial Commission, made sure the PTI dug its own grave. Clear proof of widespread rigging was even less likely than Imran Khan becoming PM in 2013. Maybe if they had only asked to look into rigging in a few constituencies, ones billed as being unfair, it would have made more sense.

Before hostility amongst the party had become the main news, PTI had followers that participated in rallies, sit-ins and dharnas, all for the love of their leader and their belief in change. Many of them are now disillusioned. The antics of their leaders are the same as the last act they voted for, and too much time has been spent on a meaningless goal. It is time to let go of the punctures and elections. We would all like a break from the nonsensical tirades about rigging.